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Car Rental Broker Management System CRBMS
Car Rental Broker Systems & Software
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  THE CAR RENTAL BROKER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Advanced, powerful, on-line.
Our software aims to be a complete solution for a web based car rental broker companies with the support of call center functionality. It provides client's access for both private visitors and travel agencies. CRBMS is a simple non time-consuming form for the client to fill in from one side, but it is a real time system allowing the customer to get a price quote right after selecting the travel destination and departure dates from other side. The possibility of choice can be presented to the customer based on the rental company's name or its prices if there are several rental companies operating in the definite location. As an addition there are opportunities whether to take some optional extras (like baby seats or ski racks), insurance etc. or not. However the broker's terms and conditions(may be viewed by mouse click) must be agreed in order to
book. The system is able to handle one-way rentals and various payment options as well as store the credit card information for later charging, which is done manually, or immediate paying when required. In the end of booking process the voucher print-out page will be presented, although there is a possibility of sending e-mail also. Later communication between the clients and the broker will comfortably take place over system-generated e-mails. Modifying or canceling the booking can be done easily, but depending on the given terms the cancellation fee may be applied as well. It takes just a couple of minutes and a least amount of mouse clicks to complete the booking process. We have grown wise with experience to handle any possible situation within your business.
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CRBMS is accomplished, web-based system for a vehicle reservation and management. It is working currently and ready for use. This program allows a car rental brokers to implement an online reservation system through a website without significant investment in a large, complex tailored system.

As an addition, your reservation web-page can be added to our car rental GDS (Global Distribution System) or any other through XML interface. Doing so will allow the clients to browse quickly within your reservation web-page. A large amount of worthy offers can be found within three clicks:


One of the key elements of CRBMS is its flexibility and speed. Rate quotes are

passed instantly and the customer can easily make his or her choice.

Although CRBMS is a standalone system, it is fully customizable and adaptable to each and every client's exclusive needs (company specifics, visual characteristics, data, design, etc.) also. Individuality is the main concept for breaking through in this highly competitive business.

Instant rate quotation, customized approach, adaptable design and unbelievable price makes the CRBMS the one and only in its field. Our development team never stops making it better, faster and safer for your business. Being the system of today, it will be the system of future!

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  Advantages for the customer:

   -> Instant quote with price comparison between different companies and cars. No need to search for different web pages.
   -> Possibility to cancel and modify the booking later online.
   -> Possibility to view vehicle details.
   -> Lower prices due to cheaper handling of booking on the broker side.
   -> It is more comfortable to book online (language problems when traveling abroad, etc.)

  Advantages for the broker:
Web-based environment reduces costs. Computers are good at handling data and performing automated tasks. Internet allows to access this data from anywhere in the world at a low cost. The most time consuming tasks are generally communication with the client and the rental operations (handling bookings) and keeping the price information updated. Solving these problems was our main goal while designing the system.
After making the reservation the booking is handled in the following way. Firstly, the system sends a confirmation e-mails both to the client and a car rental company. Car rental company either accepts or refuses the reservation by a mouse click on a corresponding link in e-mail. The result will be displayed to the administrator. Secondly, in case of acceptance, the deposit or the whole sum (depending on situation) will be charged by the system administrator (i.e. broker). The rental voucher will be sent to the client afterwards. This cycle will be repeated in case of the booking modification. Charging money from the credit card can be done as easy as clicking on a mouse button.
If your car rental company does have GDS or XML interface all described already communication can be done much easier. In this case no need to send any e-mails the confirmation will be got immediately after the customer chooses a car and the credit card is charged. In case of refusal, the car rental able to give reasons and advice to the client (you could get this car two hours later, try another location close-by, etc.), which is forwarded either automatically or manually. E-mail communication could follow, moderated by the broker. CRBMS administrator can perform all these tasks easily by himself. He always has an overview of the booking status and he is alerted by the system if something changes (modifications, cancellation, it's time to charge full sum, etc.).
The information that describes a rental location includes location contact information, account numbers, rate codes, logos, local
currency, broker mark up percentage, free sell on not, driver age limits (and fees for certain age groups), insurance inclusive or not, used season system, rates system based on length of rental, minimum length of rental, minimum time between booking and the start of rental, payment options, allowed pick-up hours (per weekday and for holidays), terms and conditions, allowed drop-off locations. Extra equipment and insurance types with prices can be added. There are several means to speed up the information inserting/updating. It can be copied from one location to another (multiple locations). There is a possibility to import/export price information from CSV files (editable with MS Excel, OpenOffice). All locations have the same e-mail template (editable by administrator) by default, nevertheless it can be personalized. These e-mail templates include variables which are automatically replaced by the information entered by the client.
Most of the repeating content (season algorithms, rate systems, car pictures, age limits) are inserted independently from locations and selected from the list while creating a new one.
As it was already said the system can handle stop-sale situations, perform currency calculations, and have a multilingual client interface. CRBMS caters for all and not all of its features were listed above. It also has XML output for dynamic packaging which allows you to connect CRBMS to Titanium Systems or any third party dynamic packaging engine.
As we do not "package software", all the software will be tailored to you specific needs and it is always possible to add new features. The best way to get an overview of the system is to fill out the communication form and the access to the demo site will be provided. Please note, that this is just a demo version and ANY changes (design, functions etc.) will be made to fit your business goals. Send us e-mail to if you would like an additional pricing and system information.

The CRBMS allows travel agents to access the system. The agent can make new bookings as well as review and edit old bookings. The statistics about the commission fees or turnovers is fully provided. All the calculations are handled by the system.
After logging in, the agent can make new bookings through the usual client interface by entering identification code. There is an opportunity to integrate/frame booking module into the agency's web page.
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  The future
Our goal is to make CRBMS more user friendly (based on customer feedback), provide all the functionality that broker may need and to reduce system's total cost of ownership. This means not only the new features, but tighter integration on the software level with car rental companies also. Our intention is to make this software to communicate directly with all large car rental companies system's, using XML (OTA standards). This would allow to make an automatic queries to rental company databases and free the brokers from the process of updating prices as well as
inserting new cars. The booking data will be transferred over the same link also.
We are developing an XML-based communication link with ManageRent - our software product meant for smaller car rental companies (mainly for fleet management and online reservations) for the time being. The two systems will be able to exchange price information and bookings. For example, inserting a new car croup into ManageRent would make it appeared automatically in the CRBMS.

  Technical information
CRBMS is a web-based system, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Any ISP can be found suitable to host the system. Titanium Systems adjusts it to your personal needs and provides all the necessary technical support. The CRBMS is programmed in PHP with MySQL database as a data storage. In addition to that CRBMS supports all major
travel industry standards: ACRISS, OTA and TTI. This makes it easily connectable to any other travel systems without need to make any major enhancements or changes. For greater rental amounts we have developed an unique hardware configuration schema that allows system to be highly scalable and fault tolerant.
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  Can it do .....? The only answer is YES!

    -> Does the system have extremely flexible pricing model?
    -> Does it support online booking with supplier?
    -> Can the system use different pricing model for different markets?
    -> Does the system allow agents to use your system?
    -> Does the system have multilingueal support?
    -> Does the system support different currencies?
    -> Does the system support credit card transactions?
    -> Does the system support delivery collection and one way rentals?
    -> Does tha system support extras (roof racks, child seets, etc)?
    -> Does the system support vehicles that are on request?
    -> Does the system support automatic calculation of cancellation and amendment fees?
    -> Does the system support stop sales on a particular date for a particular market?
    -> Can the system work with multiple suppliers?
    -> Does the system support day dependent pricing?
    -> Does the system have automatic supplier and customer notification engine?
    -> Can I send electronic documentation to a customer?
    -> Does the system have Management Information and is it real-time?
    -> Can my agents see their sales figures?
    -> Can I use my own website design?
    -> Can I manage vehicle and extras pictures from the system?
    -> Can the system handle different rates for different seasons?
    -> Can my customer amend his/her booking on my website?
    -> I have loyal customers. Can I make them discounts?
    -> I dont want to take full amount on the time of booking. Can I automatically just take a deposit?
    -> Can my customers have a quote instead of booking to come back and book a car later?
    -> Does it have built-in CRM?
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  Get Busy Today!

  A customized system, without the cost of a tailored product - cost effective and efficient!