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Car Rental Broker Management System CRBMS
Titanium Systems Inc., as the developer and supplier of travel industry systems, presents its innovative solution for car rental companies the CRBMS Brokers interface or simply Back-end system. It is a fully integrated environment of collaboration and broad range of capabilities such as add/remove information tool (stands for vehicle, location, monetary etc. management), reservation tool (displays information on current reservation, allows to make search),
report tool (shows current statistics and reports), e-mail tool (stands for e-mail templates), agents tool (allows to manage agent information), stop sale module (manages stop sale situations), user's statistics (shows access statistics) and language module (enables implementation of native language). CRBMS Back-end allows Your organization to implement ready standalone system of electronic booking management.
Broker's interface is the most important part of CRBMS, where the system's administrators can manage not only the processes happening in the system, but tune up the system according to Your company policy also. For example Your company has a rapidly growing vehicle fleet and adding a new car to the system is obligatory, or additional information on car rental's company might be required, which easily can be added to the system. This interface aims to be a complete solution for every broker and car rental's system administrator, as it presents
detailed business management capabilities with the vast quantity of setup options. Back-end is the system with innovative functions of centralized administration and policy management, which allows to control all the operations from a single entry point. Back-end has an user friendly GUI which makes it possible to get on with the system even the first-timers. So called super user (car rental's broker) is able to make/change/delete reservations according to client's request.
  Next diagram illustrates main parts of the Broker Interface in a bit more detailed way:
car rental xml OTA, car rental broker software
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Call Centre - is the point for making and managing the bookings. Entering a new booking is as simple as clicking a button on PC's mouse, which is done form new reservation menu. As the booking gets modified the same reference number is assigned, allowing to review this booking again by entering it, but the version number differs. Every version history can be examined, required comment added or booking's status changed (from waiting to complete). Due to reservation completion an e-mail will
be sent to a customer to notify about the booking made successfully in the system. There are approximately thirty different customizable e-mail types to be sent automatically (or manually by operator) to a customer or to a Car Rental Supplier. Every e-mail sent to the customer or supplier is logged in the system for later examination. The Call Centre stands for increase in reservation productivity allowing the whole companies to take business essential decisions.
Market Management gives CRBMS its capability to operate with different markets and languages. An easy-to-use translation module will aid in translating all the location names, cars, Terms & Conditions, e-mail texts, menus etc. This means if Your company is moving onto new market purchasing of new language module is unnecessary, which of course saves Your company a great deal of time and finance i.e. just fill the translation's
form and new language module is ready to use. It is possible to provide various prices for different types of markets. For example, you can have different pricing rules for America, Europe and Asia or you can use different websites for different market sectors and provide different prices on each website. Management module dramatically improves Your company cooperation with various types of world market.
User Accounts section gives CRMBS ability to add users with different types of permissions. This is essential when adding special types of accounts (agent, broker) to specify access policies and control criteria as well
as amount of received commission percentage. User account database holds user's personal information like full name, ID, e-mail, address phone number etc. It operates just like a casual system with different types of user accounts
Availability Management forms a timing option of Your car rental company opening hours through easy-to-use user's interface. To go in deep it allows You to manage some exceptions like holidays.
The advanced Stop Sales module(included in availability management) for sold car groups to stop appearing on your website and Call Centre as result there can not be a confuse in car's booking.
Bank Interface allows to get online payments from customer's credit cards. System connects to Your company merchant account and charges an appropriate amount from customer's credit card, after that it notifies system administrator if the transaction was successful or not
while booking is being confirmed. If the cancelling of booking takes place the system will refund an appropriate amount to customer's credit card automatically. Your company can have multiple bank accounts connected to the Bank Interface to allow you better management of finances.
Management Information interface provides an appropriate information on tracking bookings, car's rentals, sales or any other information related to Your business. Subsystem generates
different kinds of reports, which can be exported to CSV files or directly to ERP software. All the reports are customizable to provide you with the best control of your business with a very short time.

   -> User friendly interface
   -> Low maintenance costs
   -> Generates confirmation e-mails automatically
   -> Instant print out confirmations
   -> Eliminates unnecessary paperwork
   -> Provides required statistics for business planning
   -> Helps to handle different pricing rules
   -> and more...
CRBMS functionality can not be fully revealed here. There are much more advanced functions that will help your business to evolve without problems. If you are really interested in our products please feel free to contact us by e-mail
We will gratefully present You any answers to the questions as well as give an access to demo versions of our software products. We are here to provide guidance through our software functionality and development possibilities.