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Car Rental Broker Management System CRBMS
Intuitively comprehensible graphic user interface, which perfectly suits both for beginners and advanced users makes reservation process simple and convenient. Informative Front-end system will allow your customers to make all reservations by themselves. CRBMS front-end can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time through the Internet. Many Front-end systems, having their own language, monetary unit, geographic location, web-design etc. are connected to one Back-End system.

In the age of rapidly changing business conditions Your company must follow the time getting required efficiency, flexibility and might to react on any changes to the world market in order to preserve its competitiveness. Titanium system's solutions will help you to make one more step forward in modern business construction. CRBMS front-end system was developed in order to allow end users to work with the system intuitively. All the workplace is organized with the help of web technologies, where the fact of accessing required information from anywhere and any time is automatically implied. To access user's interface of the system nothing else, but typing web address and logging in with web browser is required. After that the simple booking form will be presented to Your customer, where it is possible to make one's booking as clear as day. Processing cost of such booking is low enough for You to earn more profit even if the rentals over the web are offered at lower than offline price.

car hire broker

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The CRBMS can have as many front-ends as Your company's current application might require. For example: some customers prefer to have a system made with their own mother tongue, which is done using other front-end; different booking companies prefer to have their own web-page design made, which is also result in different front-end; usage of various web servers result in another front-end etc. Various front-end suites will give You ability to implement different pricing rules, rental Terms & Conditions etc. For example some car rental brokers can implement condition, that young drivers (i.e 18-23 year old) could actually rent a car, or to make it possible to rent economic class cars only. The next diagram illustrates availability of multiple Front-ends within one centralized system

car rental xml

All segments are connected to one Back-end system and exchange data with it. However the CRBMS is written in PHP and uses MySQL as database, the front-ends are simple HTML pages with Java script as information parser. By those conditions the ability to run the system on multiple platforms is fully assured.

CRBMS Front-end system graphic user's interface.

Graphic user's interface(GUI) is the most important part of every system, as it stands for communication between human and machine. Productivity of this interaction depends directly on GUI convenience. We at Titanium Systems are constantly trying to make it better, more efficient and user friendly as well as perfectly integrable on the Broker's company existing website. That is why there is no need for a new web-page design or new complicated software, which means extra expenses. The front-end system on Your company's web site gives Your organization flexibility for rapidly changing business conditions granting users all necessary means essential for effective work accomplishment. In order to reach maximum productivity flexible and basic IT infrastructure is needed, which is able to adapt to the business needs, rather than demand business adaptation to it.
Front-end GUI is the place where customers make their bookings, change them and get any additional information if needed. There is nothing simpler than to begin a new reservation. Firstly, Your client needs to login into the system. Secondly, the pick-up and drop-off locations, exact timing and desired car itself is chosen. The systems allows to get acquainted with car details (pictures, number of seats, doors, air conditioner etc.), reservation Terms & Conditions, price in preferred currency and to retrieve whole information in client's mother tongue. The next page is usually about some extra equipment (can be rented additionally), exact pick-up location and the most important is rental Terms & Conditions, which have to be accepted in order to proceed. Then the credit card information, which is transferred over secured SSL connection is required for booking completion. It is really that simple!

Modifying or cancelling the booking.

There are two simplest ways to modify the booking: calling car reservation department, where qualified representative will help to do that by modifying it manually, or logging in with reservation number (received with confirmation) and e-mail address by clicking onto the corresponding menu. The system forwards Your client to the reservation then, where it is possible to change any detail or even cancel the booking. The amount of refund or difference in price between previous booking and new one will be automatically recalculated by the system according to the time factor and new confirmation received then.

Front-end demo.

The Titanium Systems presents limited demo versions of its software products (can be accessed above) for You to evaluate them. Nevertheless the fact, that it is a just a demo version must be taken into consideration, as some functionality have been disabled. Different types of front-ends are presented as illustrative example of various design and language capabilities. The required Front-end will be designed according to Your company's needs.


   -> Fully functional system at a very low price
   -> Provides fast data access from everywhere in the world
   -> Provides easy to use graphic user's interface adapted for every types of clients
   -> Various types of Front-ends adapted for every needs
   -> Improves Your business functionality by adding comprehensive web booking solution
   -> Allows to use Your own website design
   -> Has an online manual